Skin Struggle Series Note 2: Best Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

In my first note in this series I talked about the skin issues I deal with and how hard it’s been trying to tackle them. Ever since going to see an aesthetician around six weeks ago, I’ve been following a strict regime (even when coming home drunk after a night out-now that’s determination) and for once, I have started to see some results.

I feel like so many products out there fool us into thinking they’re going to do wonders for our skin issues because of their high price tag, fancy packaging and Youtube sponsorship videos. My aesthetiician recommended a few of these products, whilst others were found whilst conducting a late night google search, so, here’s what’s been working for me.

Image Skincare Ageless Total Facial Cleanser

I have never ever experienced amazing results from a cleanser. I’ve always just used them for the sake of cleaning my face…they are called cleansers after all, and have never expected to see any real results from them. Whilst this product has not worked miracles, it’s really helped control the breakouts on my cheeks and combat my hyper pigmentation.


It’s extremely lightweight and has a slight minty smell to it, which makes it feel cooling when you massage it in to your skin. It contains glycolic acid, an AHA ingredient, which can brighten complexion due to its ability to exfoliate the skin chemically, so can help fade hyper-pigmentation left over from acne. Occasionally, I do notice some areas of my skin where I have the most hyper-pigmentation peel, which is amazing for me as it gets rid of those annoying dark marks. This product is definitely worth the money as a little can go a long way. My aesthecisian recommended using a small 5p amount for the whole face, and it is definitely more than enough.

Image Skincare Iluma: Intense Lightening Serum

The first thing I noticed about this product is how amazing it smelt. It smells like a sweet cocktail and feels so nice when massaging it into the skin because of how lightweight it is. Since using this, I have noticed that my sun damage spots have faded considerably and it can help to slightly calm the redness of breakouts. It has completely cleared the sun damage on my nose and cheeks, and it is so gentle that it works amazingly on sensitive skin. It also contains vitamin C, which is essential for people who suffer from uneven skin tone and is also excellent for anti-ageing.


REN Clarifying Toner

REN products have never disappointed me and this toner is no exception. A lot of the toners I’ve used previously have irritated my skin, causing it to flare up even more rather than actually help combat the problem. This is one of the only toners I’ve used which does not sting or irritate my skin. It gets every bit of oil or make up left on the skin after cleansing and leaves it feeling so fresh and clean.

The Bodyshop Aloe Eye Defence Cream

My under eyes are so sensitive that every eye cream I’d use would leave it looking crusty and feeling sore, even coconut oil didn’t solve the problem. After using this for about a week, the dryness under my eyes was almost completely gone and it no longer felt sore. If you suffer from dry under eyes I cannot recommend this product enough. Its gel-like texture feels so soothing and the results are even better.


The Bodyshop Vitamin E Overnight Serum In Oil

I had my apprehensions about this product as I am not a fan of putting oils on my face at all. But, after having to deal with crusty and dry skin, I decided to give this product a go as Vitamin E and oils are both products supposed to relieve dryness, so this product felt like a win. It is not a at all a heavy oil and it absorbs into the skin so quickly. It got rid of all of the horrible dry patches on my face and it is one of those rare products from which you can actually see fast results. This is something I will definitely keep repurchasing as it completely transformed my skin and made it look less dull.


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