Barcelona Travel Guide

As I’ve talked about in previous blogposts, I have spent months being frustrated because I just can’t seem to hack life. After continuous self-victimisation, feeling sorry for myself and huffing and puffing about how hard life is, I decided to get a grip and do the next logical thing…runaway from my problems. I took advantage of the fact that my best friend is doing her year abroad in Barcelona to not only see her, but have some time away. After all, there’s nothing good food, sunny weather and a nice beach can’t help.

Getting the cheapest flights

As the world’s most unorganised human being, I didn’t book my flights until two nights before I wanted to go away. I was worried that this would mean I wouldn’t get a good deal, but as always, Skyscanner came to my rescue. I cannot recommend this site enough. I ended up flying with an airline I had never heard of before, called Vueling, but I was pleasantly surprised. The aeroplanes were brand new and I think I paid around 40 pounds for one trip.

Picture by Pixabay

From the airport to the city

Words cannot describe how gutted I was to find out that Uber was not a thing in Barcelona. I called my best friend panicking about how I would get to her from the airport…I know it’s pathetic but living in London means you become accustomed to certain things; one of those being access to an Uber no matter where you are.

The Aerobus came to my rescue. The bus parks outside of the airport and it is so huge you can hardly miss it. It’s actually a very comfortable bus as it’s air conditioned and very spacious. The small price tag of 5 euros made the fact that a drunk group of American boys were being rowdy on the bus more bearable. That aside, it takes you right to the centre of Barcelona in just about 20 minutes.

Picture by Pixabay

Choose Your Beaches Carefully

The good thing about having a friend that lives in a foreign city you’re visiting is the fact that they know where all the best local places to go are. This means avoiding tourists who like to walk extremely slowly in front of you and take pictures of absolutely everything (although I must admit, I am this person 99.9% of the time on holiday) and as a result, these places are a lot cheaper and cleaner.

We went to Playa De Bogatell which was so much more beautiful than I thought it would be. Having been to Barcelona before with my family, the only beach I had seen was the main touristy one (can you tell I can’t remember the name of it?) which was absolutely packed with crowds and screaming kids. So, it came as a surprise to me that this beach was beyond clean and beautiful. The water was so blue and clear you can actually see your toes and the temperature of it was so perfect. Most importantly, if you do not do well in crowds (like myself) you will love this beach as it is never as busy as the more touristy beaches.


Explore The Side Streets

As much as I love La Ramblas, being 5 foot 2 and stuck in a crowd sometimes feels like you’re in a mosh-pit, it also means that you’re armpit height and that even some teenagers who are pushing and shoving tower over you. I decided to take a risk and escape through  one of the extremely narrow (slightly scary) looking roads to avoid the bustling crowds and see where it led me.  The side streets turned out to be my favourite thing about Barcelona. Not only is the architecture absolutely amazing, but you can find the cutest cafes, as well as independent clothing boutiques. A lot of them actually make their own garments and jewellery, which are made from extremely high quality materials, and you can be sure that no one will have the same outfit as you.



The Best Affordable Restaurant

We decided to go to The Veggie Garden for dinner one night as we had heard so much about it. I did not expect the food to be as amazing as it was. Not only were the portions huge and the prices cheap but the food was such high quality and it was honestly the best curry (and I am not usually a curry fan) I have ever tasted in my life. You will not be disappointed here.


Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

It goes without saying that the shopping in Barcelona is AMAZING. They have every shop you could ever want and more. I stumbled across a shop called Mulaya after having walked around the city for 3 hours and my feet were in absolute agony. I went in on a hunt for shoes I could change into. I found the cutest pair for only 8 euros (If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen them on my story)  and they were so comfy. Everything in the shop was trendy and super affordable.

My Most Worn Outfit

I packed extremely light for this trip. I literally took a big handbag for the whole four days and only took four outfits. But the one thing I kept wearing (after washing) was this playsuit. It was just so comfortable and easy to throw own, and most importantly, kept me cool in the Spanish heat. Missguided can just get it right sometimes.

These are the 8 Euro shoes I was raving about.

6 thoughts on “Barcelona Travel Guide

  1. I love Barcelona, it sounds like it was a good call to head over there and spend some time with your friend and wow that meal from the Veggie Garden looks awesome. I’d go for that alone! Mich x


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