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As a miserable morning commuter and someone born with the unfortunate inability to stay in one place, handbags make or break my day. In order to survive my morning commutes with my sanity intact, I need to be able to squeeze in a book, headphones, a smoothie bottle and, of course, concealer which needs to be reapplied several times a day to hide the fact that I was up until 2 the night before, binging on Netflix. I could take the easy route and just use a huge bag which isn’t aesthetically pleasing but practical and make my life easier, but wearing a nice outfit motivates me for the day and distracts me from the fact that other commuters have taken advantage of my 5’2 height and pushed me out of the way ten times already, before it’s even reached 8 am (true story).


My favourite bag to use is this Guess Cate Satchel Bag. Now, in no way, shape or form can I afford this bag as a recent graduate whose money is mainly spent on commuting from one low income job to another just for the experience…I digress. I actually bought this bag in the Boxing Day sale for around £60. It is so sturdy and spacious that I can fit everything in and even stand my smoothie bottle upright (it’s the little things in life). It has several pockets inside which makes easy for even the laziest person to organise their stuff and not have to fish for their keys after a long, sweaty day at the office. I’ve used it pretty much everyday and taken it on several city breaks and it still looks brand new. I definitely recommend this bag if you’re looking for something practical and stylish which goes with every outfit.



I find Zara handbags always look so expensive and are such high quality for an affordable price and this one is no exception. Although it looks small and compact, it actually fits an impressive amount of stuff inside. I use this bag on days where I don’t need to carry a bunch of documents with me but still want to take a book for entertainment on the tube. The quality has also been impressive. Despite its shiny material, it hasn’t got much wear and tear on it and because of its size and colour goes with pretty much any outfit.IMG_0635

Let’s all ignore the annoying piece of material hanging out of my skirt in this picture…I want this blog to not be over edited and perfect so it can reflect at least some realities of life. I wanted to include this picture to show what the bag looks like off the shoulder. I love the handle that it has. It makes me feel so ‘business-y’ carrying it like this and I love the gold hardware which really stands out against the black.

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