3 Outfits to Survive British Summer

Dressing for summer in Britain isn’t as easy a task as you may think. It’s not like a Spanish summer where you wake up everyday, knowing are guaranteed hot weather, so you can grab one of the summer dresses you’ve stacked up in your collection and you’re good to go. In England, dressing for summer is a gamble. Do I wear sandals because it looks sunny in the morning and risk getting wrinkly feet after a rainstorm that appeared out of nowhere in the afternoon or do I just play it safe and wear normal shoes because I know the weather is bipolar? Anyway, weather rant over let’s actually talk clothes.

June is a very hit and miss time of year, and so far it hasn’t been great. So, I put together some outfits that look good (in my opinion) but also are practical when it comes the wetness and humidity of June in England.


This is one of my favourite outfits for this time of year. In fact, it will be perfect for a day like to day seeing as it is absolutely pouring outside, but at 18 degrees it is way too hot and sticky to be wearing tight jeans and a jumper. I particularly like this outfit for cocktails with friends at a cute London bar or a nice late brunch.
Top: Mango- Sold out (Similar)
Skirt: River Island- Sold out  (Similar)
Shoes: Public Desire
Bag: Zara


This outfit is actually a bit out there for me. I literally never wear fabric trousers, especially not white ones. In fact, these are the only ones I own. I also hardly ever wear colour, which is something I’m desperately trying to change, but being Persian automatically means you gravitate towards darker colour palettes. Nevertheless, I figured summer and white trousers go hand in hand and I love that the trousers bring out the white in the top. This is such a comfy outfit, especially when it’s humid outfit. Because the trousers are fabric and not denim, they don’t stick to you and they also keep your legs reasonably dry.


I love the details on this top, especially as flared sleeves are a thing right now.

Top: Missguided
Trousers: Missguided
Shoes: Sold out


Please excuse my flaring nostrils and moody AF face in this picture, I think I was just trying to get the hand of this whole posing in front of a camera thing. If, like me, you are all about comfort then this outfit was made for you. I know knee-high boots are very Autumn/Winter, but for those of us that live in Britain, they come in very handy during ‘summer’. I wore this outfit on a day which was too cold for bare legs but I was determined to not wear tights because technically it was summer…stubborn, I know.

T shirt: Missguided
Skirt: Zara-Sold Out (Similar)
Boots: Pretty Little Thing- Sold Out (Similar)
Bag: Guess

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