Skin Struggle Series: Note 1

The first thing I notice when I meet a person is their skin. Whenever I meet someone with that natural glowy complexion, zero bumps under their foundation and no hyperpigmentation, I catch myself staring longingly at their skin and wondering how it is humanly possible to be so perfect. I used to be that girl I now envy. The one who does absolutely nothing to her face and just wakes up with naturally perfect skin…Then, I went to uni to study Law and Politics, and everything went downhill. It seems that my mother was right when she told me no sleep and consuming an excessive amount of energy drinks on a daily basis really do take a toll on your skin.

I started breaking out all over my cheeks. Panicked, I went to my GP who gave me the quick fix of going on the pill. Now, if you know me you know my body and the pill do not go together hand in hand. Although my skin calmed down a little, I turned into an absolute raging monster who was an intolerable stress ball with an unpleasant temper. After 6 months, I decided I felt bad for those who had to deal with my mood swings and I was tired of the way I felt and went off the pill again. Since then, I’ve still had breakouts on my cheeks, but eventually I learnt to manage them.

However, I have now been left with the most annoying hyperpigmentation. If you, like myself, have a darker skin tone you know just how frustrating it is to deal with these dark marks which even make up cannot cover. At one point I was so uncomfortable in my own skin that I never left the house without make up; a feeling that no girl should have to experience. So, I decided to start this series as I am stepping up my skincare and have become an obsessive researcher of lotions and potions that can help. I want to use this series as a platform where I can share my struggles and successes which can also help others who are experiencing similar issues. I am determined to be confident in my own skin again…literally.

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